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Wholesale Florist Supplies and Plants

Come by and view our novel floral and plant selection at the Amarillo Flower Market in Amarillo Texas. We offer a wide range of floral supplies from vases to funeral pieces all at wholesale prices.


Find diverse flowers in novel varieties not normally found in the area. In addition to domestic growers, we source flowers from:

• South Africa
• Kenya
• Italy
• France
• Holland
• Thailand
• New Zealand
• Australia 
• Costa Rica

• Chile
• Peru
• Ecuador
• Colombia

Novelty Flowers

Create your flower arrangement with novel and interesting varieties. Beyond the normal options available in the local market, our selection often includes:

• Lisianthus
• Veronica
• Silver Brunia
• Sweet Pea
• Gloriosa
• Eryngium
• Echeveria
• Calla
• Ranunculus
• Anemone
Lisianthus Double Rosita Blue & Veronica Anna Plants

Amaranthus Caud Green Spider & Hydrangea Sibblia Red Plants


Make a statement by adding one of our 7 foot strands of ivy to your next table arrangement or dress up your arrangement with italian ruscus or monstera leaves. A large variety of greens are available, including:

• Italian Pittosporum
• Phoenix Roebelenii
• Umbrella Papyrus
• Cordyline
• Italian Ruscus
• Calathea
• Leatherleaf
• Lily Grass
• Monstera

Classic Flowers

In addition to our novelty selection, we provide classics,  like carnations, roses, and chrysanthemums. Shop for iris, larkspur, and spray roses to create traditional arrangements. Our classic selection includes:

• Mini Carnations
• Chrysanthemums
• Hydrangeas
• Hypericums
• Liatris
• Lilies (Asiatic, Oriental, LA Hybrid)
• Limoniums
• Alstroemeria
• Asters


Our orchids include varieties from Thailand, like Mokara, Dendrobiums, and Vandas as well as options from Holland, like Cymbidiums, Phalaenopsis, and Vandas.


Once you have selected your flowers, choose from our selection of glassware. Vases are sold individually or by the case and come in a range of colors, including rose, cobalt, and clear. Our styles of vases and glassware include options like:

• Gathering Vases
• Square Vases
• Bubble Bowls
• Bud Vases
• Half Dozen Rose Vases
• Dozen Rose Vases
• Centerpiece Trays

Other Supplies

If you need flowers for a special occasion or a funeral, browse our selection. We carry wire easels, casket saddles, floral foam  crosses 30-inch or 36-inch, solid heart and open heart, wreath 16-inch, 18-inch, or 24-inch. and foam bricks.